keep your business operational with the best non-medical mask on the market


the risk of business losses


the most protective, most comfortable mask


employees and customers

Providing Effective Protection to Employees
is an Investment in the Future

The most effective masks are:

  • made from materials designed to offer protection 
  • properly fitted
  • comfortable (otherwise no one wants to wear it)
  • fidget-free (every time an employee touches their mask they are potentially spreading germs)

Keep your business productive by providing Mask Tonic masks to your employees and customers - they'll thank you!

The best face mask for all-day wear

We've tested Mask Tonic face masks with police officers, doctors, landscapers, and shop owners, and the feedback is that it's the best face mask for jobs that require all-day wear.


In the workplace, it's "Safety First"

No other consumer mask is made with these protective materials:

  • Electrostatic non-woven polypropylene: this makes Mask Tonic masks as close to medical as you can get
  • Antimicrobial coating: blocks the presence of bacteria, odor, and mold and keeps the mask clean and fresh
  • Moisture-wicking: keeps you dry & comfortable

Give yourself, employees, and customers confidence and peace of mind with Mask Tonic.

The face mask's adjustable nose clip plus maximum coverage on the face and under the chin insures it stays put throughout the day, even while talking. 


Since I've learned about proper masking, I don't feel comfortable having employees choose their mask. This mask, as part of a uniform, gives the confidence that we are doing everything we can to keep people safe and keep the business open. I love that they are fidget-free, especially in a restaurant environment.

- Carrie, restaurant GM

I have safety measures in place in many areas of my business. Requiring employees to wear a specific, effective mask is no different.

- Scott, bike shop owner

I wanted to try them when I saw your claims of being as close to medically grade proof as legally allowed to say. I work in healthcare and was having some issues with some masks at work, so I bought two to try, one for me and one for my husband. We both found them extremely comfortable and not having to constantly adjust them when talking. I liked them so much I have told multiple people about them and bought more for us too.

- Jasmin, nurse